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About Ureka Foundation

Our mission is to be the pioneer entity that supports social change and economic reform by enabling independent economic activity for individuals as well as groups. Ureka will achieve this by:

  • Providing holistic development and grooming of existing and potential leadership in social entrepreneurship sphere through our various partnerships. The jointly developed and collaboratively delivered training programs and other relevant specialisations would be offered to current students at universities and to prospective entrepreneurs. These world class training programs combined with practical insights about the social impact will ensure that entrepreneurial endeavours can make a long lasting and highly relevant impact on society.
  • Cultivating a culture of research through collection and management of data from primary sources as Ureka’s direct work on live projects. As a preliminary step, Ureka has adopted a village under its aegis and will be working on solving some of the toughest challenges faced by the residents there.
  • Facilitating within the local community as well as mobilising our international network of dependable individuals and groups involved in similar social entrepreneurship endeavours. We work with members of the global social entrepreneurship fraternity with whom we share our resources, local experience and expertise for:
    1. Data Collection
    2. Research Projects
    3. Immersion Programmes for students and/or faculty members
    4. Other areas of mutual interest


Foundation Activies

Benefits for Students

Projects & Training Ureka will create opportunities for students to participate in live projects and obtain hands-on training to help them be better prepared for their future careers and establish a strong network of industry connections and mentors.
Guidance & Mentoring Ureka will provide guidance to students in developing their business ideas and establishing start-ups. Students can also access Ureka’s pool of mentors to help them further develop their entrepreneurial ideas. In addition, students can make use of our international expertise to know about international study options and obtain basic guidance in the field.
Certifications Ureka will introduce certifications and courses in Social Entrepreneurship and related topics.

Ureka Foundation Contact Information

Social Entrepreneurship Centre

Mr. Zahbi Beg

B1 Beg Tower, Faizabad Road
Lucknow, India - 226001

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info

The Ureka 1 Million Project aims to impact one million underprivileged lives through providing them means for online education.