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Ureka Education UK has partnered with an European Business School in Spain to offer one of the most comprehensive international programmes at the most affordable pricing in this segment.

The programme comprises of the following elements:

  • This programme is for students who are ambitious and wish to make an international career by gaining world class experience.
  • We seek participants who are willing to come out of their comfort zone to recognise their true potential and lay a strong foundation for their future careers.
  • Ureka Education UK has partnered with an European Business School in Spain to offer one of the most comprehensive international programmes at the most affordable pricing in this segment.

The programme comprises of the following elements:

1. One month Paid International Internship in Dubai under mentorship of alumni from prestigious institutions like London Business School, University of Oxford, UCLA.

The International Internship will be useful for Placements and / or Studying or Moving Abroad as it provides the rare international work experience that is difficult to obtain.

2. Four months Diploma from an European Business School. This will be a strong additional qualification to the degree that you are currently pursuing. It is completely online with full administrative support.

Specialisations (subject to availability and change):
- E-Commerce
- Project Management
- Financial Management
- Advertising and Public Relations
- International Trade
- Human Resources

3. Self-paced learning + periodic live video lectures by European faculty.

4. Career Services Support for International Placements (details below).

Beneficial for Whom

This programme is beneficial for any student who is pursuing a degree in his / her home country and wants to get an additional European Qualification and International Work Experience to enhance their career prospects.

How can this programme help in enhancing Career Prospects

- Gain world class learning experience with live video classes from European instructors and 24x7 access to online learning content.
- Strengthen the CV with Paid International Internship, that any employer would give weightage too over others as only few others will have it.
- Develop an international network, improve chances of international placement. Get placement support in Dubai.
- Broadens the horizons, explore and experience a new environment, develop new skills and confidence to achieve things that were not possible before.
- Future option to complete Master’s degree in UK / France / Spain using ECTS credits from this programme.

Paid International Internship in Dubai

It is guaranteed that all participants will get one month, paid international internship in Dubai with a stipend of Rs 20,0000 per month.

During the internship participants will work at Ureka UK’s Dubai office on a live project. The Internship Certificate will be issued by Ureka UK.

Work during Internship in Dubai:

a. Strategy Interns will work on Strategic Planning - which may span one or more of the following areas - marketing, finance, operations , product development, due diligence, etc.

b. Artificial Intelligence Interns will work on AI based recommendation engine and aspects of full stack web application development.

c. Law Interns will work on a Data Protection & Privacy project for Ureka as well as contribute in international due diligence, commercial negotiations and agreements.

All interns will be provided full guidance and support in completing their tasks and will be expected to make a real impact for the company through their inputs.

International Placement Support

Participants will get the following support in Dubai

- Explore job options in Dubai including contact with placement agencies
- Attend workshops for building CV and profile for international jobs
- Attend mock interview sessions
- Meet industry leaders
- Top performing interns may also be offered a full time job with Ureka for its offices in Dubai, France or UK

Online Programme Start Date: 6th October, 2021
Physical Internship in Dubai: 1 month, anytime between Nov 2021 – Nov 2022
Eligibility: all students and recent graduates are eligible to apply
Selection: through personal interview over zoom

Programme Fee

Total Programme Fee – Rs 188,000

If selected, the fee is payable as follows

a. Rs 88,000 within one week of receipt of Selection Letter.
b. Balance in two equal instalments of Rs 50,000 each to be fully paid one month before travel date. Exact payment dates will be provided based on which month you plan to do the internship in Dubai.

The fee includes:

1. Return flight tickets from nearest international airport to UAE and back.
2. Visa
3. Travel insurance with coverage worth USD 50,000
4. Accommodation at Uninest Residences (a UK company) with 5* amenities. Separate facilities for Boys and Girls. 100% safe, secure and hygienic. It is the preferred choice for International students in Dubai.
What is not included is food, local travel, personal expenses in Dubai and anything not mentioned in inclusions. The place where participants stay provides all meals on a chargeable basis. Note: While doing your financial planning please take into account that you will be receiving a stipend of Rs 20,000. So, it will reduce your net cost.

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About the European Business School

Since it was founded, the Business School has strived for a global presence with a strong focus on international expansion. It’s success started in its headquarters – Spain but quickly rippled through Europe. Increased student community growth has expanded attracting students from Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Ireland, among others. Thus, the school has more than 65,000 students in over 40 countries within Europe and America.

All courses are accredited by Isabel I University, Spain which has been designed within the European Higher Education Area by granting ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits in all the school's training programs, guaranteeing the homogeneity and the quality of the studies.

Committed to quality and excellence, the Business School in Barcelona has been awarded, along with EAE and IMF Business School, with the Cum Laude 2019 quality seal as the best business school according to students

In addition, they have obtained the EFQM certificate of excellence with the highest score and have become partners with Isabel I University. It is registered by the Ministry of Industry and collaborates with the Barcelona University Centre.

El País newspaper has recently published a list of the best business schools located in Spain, assessing their quality. The business school occupies the first position endowing it with an evaluation of 9.7 out of 10, thus recognizing its prestige and quality as a leading business school in the sector. In addition, it is also ranked in the ranking of the best International Business Schools in Club MBA and is selected as the best online MBA of the main Business Schools according to the MBA Portal.

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