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Ureka's Global Community

Build Global Connections

Ureka Global Community provides a golden opportunity to build global connections. The community has students from more than 13+ countries. Get a chance to connect and interact with them and help each other grow.

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Gain Unfeigned Industry Experience

Ureka Global Community provides an opportunity to its members to get industry live projects and internships with international certifications.

Add New skills to your quiver

Ureka Global Community organises workshops and talks by industry stalwarts from across the globe so that you can learn more about the industry and develop the necessary skills.

Help people, change lives

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller. Ureka’s Global Community organises volunteering programs to give back to the society.

Ureka's Global Community under Ureka Education Group is one of the Fastest Growing Student Community which creates and channelizes the power within the youth and brings out the capabilities one beholds within to become a future leader and be a better and be a professional in the field you are in. Our main aim is to provide young people like you with experience, guidance, and mentorship through various events worldwide, workshops, global immersions, and youth interactions; creating a world that is a better place for the youth.

Leadership Development

Through UGC, members will experience growth and progression by developing competencies and characteristics that enhance their abilities to influence people, outcomes, and culture.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamps

Members access Ureka's Global Entrepreneurship Hackathon Series in association with an International Venture Capital firm to experience innovations that can transform the future.

Career Sessions

Attend career sessions powered by industry leaders to explore beneficial careers in various industries. Learn, network and interact with industry stalwarts.Build connections and seek guidance.

Volunteering Projects

Take part in various virtual and in place volunteering projects in association with non profit organisations and student clubs across the network.Contribute and give back to the society.


Join Ureka's flagship externships to gain insight and knowledge in a career field of interest. Students may then determine whether the job’s day-to-day activities and responsibilities are a good fit for their skills and interests.

U1M Teaching Opportunities

Help teach and develop courses for 1 million underprivileged students that will help them in creating more opportunities for themselves.Record content to be made available as part of the course.

We aim to unveil the maximum potential of this global community!

Haard, Nihir, Harsh
Co-Founders of UGC